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Maybe not yours, but my favorite ride!


You will rarely hear this blog getting personal. In the sense, you’re not going to ever learn about my Mom’s killer recipe for tuna casserole, Dad’s handy tip for regular oil changes or my sister’s not so handy tip for keeping her computer virus free. But what you will hear from time to time is this blogger’s personal opinion (rather love) for certain things automobile related. And folks, we’ve arrived.

The CR-Z everyone, the Honda CR-Z! This was my car, my ride, my whip as my younger cousin would have referred to it. I had a 2011 Honda CR-Z and it was a complete blast. Which is why I took a punch in the chest earlier this week upon hearing Honda will be discontinuing the CR-Z effective in 2016. Good gracious, this can’t be happening. Yet, it is, and mainly because the vast majority of the world feels either nothing toward this automobile or frankly doesn’t care for it.

From the start (2010), the CR-Z struggled to find a following. I was there, but most were not. Over time Honda really had a difficult time trying to tweak it into an appealing sports coupe. It went far enough to grab eco-minded hybrid buyers with its latest tweaks but the financials just didn’t make sense anymore. To put things into perspective, Honda sold over 35,000 Civics last month compared to just 234 CR-Zs. Yikes! Couple this with lagging fuel economy compared to its competitors and similar Honda models, the CR-Z was on borrowed time.

Off to the graveyard you go, but thanks to blogging this post will live on!

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