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Putting them out to pasture (Part I of II)

For nearly every manufacturer, the rough decision of when to pull the trigger, and kill off an underperforming model is never an easy decision. Sure, people might not desire the vehicle any longer, and thats the will of the consumer. But what most people never see or even hear about is the time and resources (dollars, dollars, dollars) that go into developing and bringing to market a vehicle. Its a tremendous undertaking and that putting a car to bed is painful, and in many cases, can cost folks their jobs.

Lately, the undertaker role in the auto industry has been busy, busy, busy. Buyer preferences have shifted fast with folks desiring more space, a higher stance on the road (SUVs), and better fuel economy than a decade ago. In 2019 Edmunds projects 1 in every 2 cars sold will be crossovers or SUVs. The shift away from passenger cars has been going on for some time but now there are even some hybrids hitting the graveyard, struggling to find their footing with gas prices being south of $3 per gallon since 2014.

Getting back to the decision to discontinue, the VW Beetle is a great example, an iconic model that had been floundering for years. Withseven decades of name recognition it was not easy for VW to put this horse out to pasture. But it had to be done. In this two-part series well look at some cars that youll never see new again. Their only shot at living on is the used market.

Honda CR-Z

Talk about rotten timing, the CR-Z entered the game just as hybridsales began to fall off a cliff. This was a miscalculation, something quite odd for the Japanese giant and one it safe to assume they will learn from and likely not repeat again.

Toyota Prius V

Although this version of the Prius hasnt been manufactured since 2017, it is still registering sales. The V is a larger version of the Prius which was thought to appeal to folks wanting, well, a larger version of the Prius. Problem is folks could care less. If they had wanted a larger vehicle then they would have bought a crossover or SUV.

Stay tuned for Part II.

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