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Putting them out to pasture (Part II of II)

In Part I we delved into the sad state that some manufacturers find themselves in, deciding when to pull that plug and put on their Dr. Kevorkian hat. It can be a rough business as well continue to see with these models on their way to auto heaven

Cadillac ATS

Conceived as the answer, a competitor that could hold its weight versus the likes of the BMW 3-series, this unfortunately for Cadillac never occurred. The brand struggled and so did the ATS which eventually met its demise as the entire compact segment went up in flames. As a side-note this car, aesthetically, took home quite a few accolades. But outside beauty is only skin (metal) deep.

Cadillac CT6 and XTS

Two other Cadillacs that also will not be seeing the light of day come 2019. This was an overall disastrous year for Cadillac withthese large sedans hitting a collective wall. The folks that owned or would have owned these luxury sedans years ago are now SUV buyers. And thats that

Nissan Juke

The Juke got juked! You never saw that coming, did you? Cheesy but true, what was Nissan thinking when naming this subcompact crossover, the Juke. It didnt juke a thing which has now led Nissan to trot out another version, the Kicks. We hope it doesnt end up kicking rocks, perhaps a fresh marketing/advertising cohort is needed in Nissan land.

Ford C-Max

Another junky name, the C-Max was never built to succeed. Offered in both plug-in and hybrid versions, the C-Max to its credit came out the gate running with some quick sales but succumbed to a heavy fall in demand in the end. Ford is quietly pulling the plug here.

Hyundai Azera

Hyundai has done well for itself over the years, coming out strong with some timely models. From a looks department the Azera checks all the boxes. But this sleek sedan never hit the mark and luxury efforts were subsequently pivoted to the Genesis. This has also been slagging unfortunately.

The bright spot in this two-part series, if any of these models strike your fancy the used market is a definite option!

And while you’re shopping for your new or used model, make sure to leave room in your budget for an extended warranty from Delta Auto Protect. Get a quote today.

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