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Really cool cars nobody wants

Every year for some odd reason a handful of cool rides simply fail to sell. There are of course reasons, but to the everyday consumer (you and I), these reasons arent always apparent. Here are some of the more mind-boggling non-sellers.

Fiat 124 Spider

Registering a paltry 3,515 sold, this Miata sibling is much more deserving. A fun, quick, peppy ride with the nostalgia behind it, Fiat tried their best to market this roadster, but it was down 22 percent from 2017.

Alfa Romeo 4C

A mixed bag in general, the Alfa Romeo is a niche choice, for sure. But even within its niche apparently only 238 people were interested. A stunning ride (aesthetically), the 4C should have sold more on looks alone. But something happened in 2018 with this car because the year prior they had sold nearly 70 percent more.

Lincoln Continental

An old staple, the classic Continental. What some folks might not know – this car is fast, comfortable and has a lot of cool tech features you won’t find elsewhere. What it also is however is not desired, moving just 8,758 units last year, down a disappointing 27 percent compared to the prior year.

Porsche 718

This one pains us, a gorgeous ride, the 718 is a mid-engine monster, an absolute pleasure to drive, and it’s a shame only 5,276 people can attest to the same. Now, granted the 718 sold fewer models last year, but to put this in context, the Porsche Macan moved 23,000 units last year. C’mon folks!

Acura NSX

Pretty, pretty. But with only 170, not 1,170, 170 sold last year, this is a losing proposition no matter how you cut it. Acura is a highly profitable company, but obviously losing serious money on this model. Now, the NSX did sell 581 cars in 2017, so there are folks out there, Acura just needs to keep finding more of them.

Nissan 370Z

The GT-R is a Nissan star. The 370Z was a natural extension until it wasnt. One look at this car and its mind-bending why it hasnt moved more units, but 3,468 for Nissan is an absolute failure. Case closed.

Lexus LC

Another beauty, the LC500 and LC500h hybrid are fantastic GT rides. A 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 is enough to get most folks fishing for their credit cards. But power and aesthetics aside, credit cards were plucked down to the tune of only 1,979 times in 2018 which equates to monstrous financial losses. Adios!

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