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Stay happy with a long warranty

Consider this – most U.S. motorists register 13,476 miles on their odometer every year. Sound light? Sound hefty? All relative of course, but if you have a 36,000-mile warranty, that coverage will run dry in just two and a half years. Not too long in the grand scheme of things, and once said warranty wears out, you’re left covering the bill for all fix-its – minor or major.

Bottom line, you want to buy a car with a long warranty because that will save money. Some things are complicated – learning Japanese, becoming a successful football player, curing cancer. This is not one of those things. Better warranties equal a happier you. Let’s now get to the happy brands.


At 4 years, 50,000 miles, to say this is a great deal is in a phrase – something you would not say. In fact, 4 years at 50,000 is quite common (as you’ll see) but the key differentiator here is the Lexus powertrain coverage. This stretches to a whopping 8 years, which indeed is exceptional. Add in unmatched, unlimited miles for the S and X models and now we’re talking!


The Japanese manufacturer offers, like Tesla a 4-year, 50,000-mile warranty. Nothing exceptional here, but a little negotiation can yield you a 6-year, 70,000 powertrain warranty. Not too shabby.


Another in the “4-year, 50,000 club,” it would appear either Lexus copied Acura or vice-versa because the 6-year, 70,000 powertrain warranty reads pretty darn similar.


The South Korean auto monster ups the ante with 10,000 miles, going for 5 years at 60,000. But, it’s their 10-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty that really keeps heads turning (and cars selling).


Another 60,000 mile offer at 5 years, Hyundai’s Genesis is a beautiful ride and this coverage is rather complete – bumper to bumper. You can graduate up to 100,000 miles for the powertrain, take note.  


Now we’re talking – 6 years, 72,000 miles. Let the party begin! VW has always approached warranties differently, going for the longer bumper-to-bumper warranty and the shorter powertrain coverage. According to insiders the two offers balance themselves out and folks flock to the 6-year plan because it’s about as competitive a bumper-to-bumper warranty that you’ll find.

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