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Strange noises and even stranger smells

An easy one, cars are not supposed to make odd noises nor smell bad. If yours does it’s a sure-sure sign that you likely need to swap out the old and opt for a new one. While smells can many times be remedied, odd noises are more of a major deal. 

Smelly Leaks

Noticing anything wet under your car is either a minor issue like water from the A/C unit to something much direr, particularly if they smell rotten. Middle-aged cars will leak from time to time, and old cars leak a ton. If the leakage is a rainbow of colors, get it checked out. 


Another relative no-brainer, excessive smoke can be potentially fatal so at the first sign it’s best to pull over and get the situation assessed. In general smoke comes in three different colors (or a combination of all three) – black, gray and white. While the thought of your car billowing black sounds dreadful, it generally means something is off with the filtration system. Burning oil is typical of grey smoke while white smoke is by far the worst. This could mean something is awry with the engine such as a leaking engine gasket or a cracked engine block.


Engines tend to get hot so over-heating as a concept shouldn’t appear that odd. But most engines these days are in fantastic shape so if you’re overheating then it’s a problem, likely with the car’s cooling system.

Outdated Technology

To be sure, in 2019 with technology evolving at breakneck speeds it is impossible for every car to be outfitted with the most recent tech features. Whatever is current now will not be in 6 months. A typical manufacturer will revamp the tech side of their cars every 5 to 7 years, so if your ride is that old then outdated tech features might turn into a burden.

Steering Issues

Shaky steering can be extremely uncomfortable as well as risky. Tire balance or poor alignment are the main culprits of shaky steering and especially if a car has suffered an accident, funky steering can come to form due to frame damage.

It is always bittersweet to say goodbye but putting an old vehicle out to pasture is sometimes the safest route.

Strange noises and even stranger smells warrant some attention. A extended auto warranty from Delta Auto Protect makes it possible for you car to get the attention it deserves at the most reasonable price. Get a quote, today. 

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