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Summertime safety

It might seem that we are constantly inundated with tips on how to keep our kids safe around our other prized assets (our cars), but there’s a reason for that. Kids (as well as you and I) have a much greater chance of perishing in a car, driving or stationary, than in a pool, plane, or boat. So let’s talk safety, and more specifically, safety that you and I as adults can control for.

Keep it Locked Up

Locked doors folks, pretty simple, right? You would think so, but in practice, not so much. Especially at home, as during these summer months kids are more prevalent around the house, keeping the car locked with keys in an inaccessible place within the home is key (sorry for the obvious pun). When kids get their hands on keys, doors and windows can open, and the risk of being trapped increases dramatically.

Being Home Doesn’t = Home-Free

Summer as we discussed in the previous point generally means more time around the house for kids. Yet, as adults we tend to psychologically correlate home with safety. Yet, ever look around the house and really see what kids can get themselves into? The care is really an irresistible lure to any kid. Most kids grow up playing racing games on the computer or Play Station and as a result want to mimic this on the real life deal. Keeping your kid away from an unattended vehicle will go a long way in minimizing accidents and maintaining a healthy respect for the power of your automobile.

Windows Up and Locked

At the risk of sounding like a bad “after-school special,” hot cars kill. And not just on TV, but throughout this great nation of ours on a daily basis. On a typical day it can take roughly 10 minutes for a car’s temperature to go from 75 to 95 degrees. Suffocation can occur quickly so ensuring there is a clear barrier to entry is critical.

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