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Surefire speeding tickets (Part I of II)

Ever wonder which cars are going to get you into trouble? By trouble we mean, speeding tickets at a much higher rate than other cars. Well, you can put your worries to rest because this 2-part post is all you will need to orient yourself moving forward.

Now this isn’t to say you should stay away from these cars but do know the cops will have their eyes on you at a higher than average rate.

Hyundai Veloster

Part of the “hot hatch” series, the Veloster looks fast. And this can be an issue even if compared to other cars in its general class, the Veloster isn’t all that fast. Now, the 2019 version is the “N” version which means overall horsepower is jacked to 275 coupled with 260 lb.-ft. or torque. The objective, per Hyundai, of the N is to give the driver a race-inspired feel. That all sounds quite aggressive, which means you might find yourself part of the 14.48% of Veloster drivers who get hit with a speeding violation each year.

Subaru Impreza

All the race-heads out there know the power Subaru brings to the table. The brand flies under the radar in general when it comes to their speed but believe us – the police are aware. If you are an Impreza owner, 14.66% of you will be politely delivered a speeding ticket, guaranteed. In fact, this car appears on police-watch lists, so watch out! The acceleration is where the Impreza will get you. It’s quick and in a word – exhilarating!

Infiniti G37

G37 fans were sad to see this model go. 2010 was the last year, and one with under 100,000 miles can still be found, typically in the $13,000 range. The power on this ride is notable – 325 to 348 horses – and this understandably will get you into trouble with a cop’s radar gun, no doubt. Folks with the G37 will get caught with a ticket nearly 15% of the time. But it might be worth it, as cruising at 90 with the top down is another feeling altogether.

Dodge Dart

The Dodge Dart will only run you back $16,995. At that price you’re likely thinking, “if I can get from 0 to 60 in under 10 seconds, I’m cool.” Well, the Dart will hit you 0 to 60 in a lot less than 10 seconds, but it is still an odd candidate for this list. Our personal thought is, the color for most Darts is red, and perhaps that’s why nearly 15% of the time you’re likely to receive a speeding ticket.

Stay tuned for Part II!

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