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Surefire speeding tickets (Part II of II)

In Part II we have some other surefire ticket grabbers, take note!

Dodge RAM 2500

Our first truck on the list! While pick-ups are far from a speedster’s first choice, there is something about the 2500 that makes folks hit that gas pedal more aggressively than perhaps they should.  Reported horsepower after all is just 383, which is above average but not worthy of this list. Prepare to shell out close to $30,000 and get hit with a speeding ticket at least once every year.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Another odd ball, the Wrangler was made to traverse rocky trails and certainly not compete with the likes of a Mustang on the highway. But Wrangler owners tend to prefer to push this car to the limit, pressing 90 plus on the open road and getting nabbed as a result. We break the 15% mark here – 15.35% of Wrangler Unlimited drivers arrive home with $250 less in their checking accounts.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Like the Veloster, the Genesis Coupe is yet another ride, especially in red, that looks super-fast. And as we well know, cars that look super-fast are like ice cream for a cop. They eat that up!

The last Coupe was rolled out in 2016. At 348 horsepower and a V-6 (3.8-liter), the Coupe will eventually be a collector’s item, but you’ll need to keep the speeding tickets to a minimum.

Volkswagen GTI

Again, red is a magic ingredient here. Paint this puppy red and throw it on the highway and 16.92% of the time a speeding ticket will come your way. It’s too bad, because the GTI is not even all that powerful. It just looks great, especially next to its more expensive competition – BMW and Mercedes.

Scion FR-S

You know how we said red is the recipe for disaster when it comes to speeding tickets? Well, a FR-S in burnt orange might have it beat. Another ride that hasn’t been manufactured since 2016, the FR-S is popular amongst teens, and teens tend to get ticketed. Hop in a FR-S and 19.09% of the time you’ll get slapped.

Subaru WRX

And the granddaddy winner of them all – the WRX. Literally no surprise here, although we did mention earlier that Subaru flies under the radar. But, the WRX of all Subaru models does not. This is a BMW, Camaro and Mustang killer. Overall horsepower is far from impressive, but the WRX blasts off the block and one in five owners have been fined by the long arm of the law. Careful not to get this car in red, enough said. 

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