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SUV/Plug-in amazing options

Looking for the best SUVs/plug-ins available, look no further! We have a fantastic list for you, take note!  

Porsche Panamera

An astonishing 6 versions of the plug-in Panamera are available with the most basic being the 4 E-Hybrid. From there you hit the Executive models and then on to the Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo. The performance is otherworldly, but so is the price-tag. Don’t let sticker shock, shock you into a coma.

Acura NSX

The second-generation NSX is here, and the dual-clutch gearbox and all-wheel drive is a sure-fire departure from the norm (a naturally aspirated, 6-cylinder predecessor). The NSX battery and electric motors provide even more power, as if you really need it at 500 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. This puppy features 3 electric motors and can hit a top speed of 191 mph.

Honda Insight

Remember the Honda Civic Hybrid? We sort of do, but no matter, it’s dead now. Think of the Insight as the spiritual successor which will also leave some money in your pocket. The price is accessible, and if the Prius is not your thing, go with the Insight. The exterior is statelier than the Prius, and the interior features a cutting-edge dashboard and an infotainment center that is … wait for it … simple!

Lexus ES 300h

The styling alone should move tens of thousands of these. Pure luxury, and a grill that is simply wild. The lines and detail are impressive, and from afar the 300h looks like a piece of art. Some have compared the feel of this car to a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley. That’s high praise, frankly the highest one could hope for. Not a ton of horsepower (215), but the 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine and a battery made of nickel-metal hydride checks in with EPA rates of 43/45 city/highway miles per gallon at a base price of $41,560.

Toyota Avalon

The Avalon is in a rough spot considering its pricier cousin, the Lexus ES 300h is also a coveted car and one that many consider as the better of the two. But plenty of folks who reviewed this car agree that if you removed the brands on the Toyota and Lexus and simply compared the two, the result is a dead tie. The infotainment interface is superior (according to some) to the Lexus, as are the rear seats from a folding perspective. The price is obviously cheaper and while 215 horsepower isn’t going to torch the world, one test ride alone will make you scratch your head between the two.

Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered

Fair warning – this car is priced at $155,00. $155,000! What the heck? Well, we can’t say if this is worth it or not, but at $155,000 you can be sure you are going to be getting something special. It’s a Volvo after all!

Calling on the standard T8 plug-in powertrain, this machine is not a S60 and likely should not be named as much. Much more poised, the Polestar only notches 21 miles of electric range but who cares, this car pops 415 horsepower! Good lord, for a sedan that’s a bit ridiculous and now we understand the justification on the price-tag.

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