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Sweaty, summer deals

Cash back! Woo-hoo, don’t we all love hearing those two words! Cash back from the IRS, your insurance company, and of course via the purchase of a new vehicle. The best cash back programs can save you thousands of dollars off that purchase price. They can also help you save money in the event of limited disposable funds available for a down payment.

So as summer ramps up we have a list of some pretty appealing bonus cash specials that can ascend as high as $4,700. With that said, let’s get to it!

Hyundai Sonata (2016)

A top ranking midsize car, in June you can get $1,500 retail bonus cash off most trim levels at a starting price of $21,750. But the best deal perhaps is with the Sonata Eco at $23,725. With this particular model you’d be eligible for up to $2,750 in retail bonus cash.

Hyundai Velostar (2016)

Hyundai’s compact hatchback, in June you can obtain up to $2,750 in retail bonus cash which is even sweeter with a surprisingly low retail price of $18,000. This is quite a deal for a small, but highly rated and reliable car.

Audi A8 (2016)

A luxury leader, the A8 retails for $81,500. A bit steep, we know, but Audi is offering $2,000 toward the purchase or lease of the A8. If the A8 is too expensive, the A6 and A4 are fabulous choices as well, but consult individual dealers for the offer according to your state.

Ford Focus (2016)

Last but certainly not least we have the $17,225 Ford Focus, an affordable, compact car that thanks to Ford will be offering $3,450 in retail bonus cash in June. Now, there is a hitch. Financing through Ford Credit is required to get this deal but qualified buyers can get this bonus plus interest rates as low as 0%, that’s right, 0%! This might be the best deal of the lot.

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