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Chevy has been on tear. The American manufacturer has grown by 0.9% since 2015. You might be thinking, “why are we talking 0.9% growth?” A valid question, but everything is relative in life and putting that number in context over the larger auto industry, it’s greater than Honda (0.7%) and Toyota (0.3%).

Chevy has released eleven new models over the past two years featuring some industry leading design, technology and powertrain options. The Malibu, Cruze and Spark have undergone the most changes and all three are poised to play prominent roles for Chevy over the coming decade.

With a cool new, front fascia and exterior colors previously unavailable, the Spark is a head-turner. Sounds crazy, but this car is quite attractive, and the Low Speed Forward Automatic braking has been lauded by safety critics as a real value added. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety will be keying in on this heavily when [...]

An attractive 2017 is shaping up

This year is shaping up nicely for car buyers. Low interest rates coupled with some of the most attractive integrated technology choices we have ever seen in the auto world are leaving potential consumers salivating at the mouth. Last year new car sales reached a record 17.55 million. That number is not supposed to be matched this year but steady consumer confidence and low gas prices will undoubtedly help.

So let’s talk turkey though, which loosely translated means – prices. The average price folks paid for a car in December of last year was $32,000. This number is expected to rise mainly in part because more people are buying SUVs and high-tech packages. Due to this, there has been an upswing in leasing. An average monthly lease payment is now lower than an average monthly loan payment, almost $100 lower.

Second, incentives certainly help. Up to $4,000 is being [...]

After Porsche released the Cayenne, it should have been clear to everyone that no manufacturer is out of the question when it comes to breaking into the SUV or Crossover market. Some manufacturers are obviously more natural fits – Honda, Mercedes, Kia, BMW, the list is honestly endless. But sports car lines or extreme luxury manufacturers are definitely the outliers. However, after hearing that Rolls-Royce is now the next “outlier” to break ranks and dive into the SUV pool, even we must admit a level of shock.

Rolls is insisting that the model is not a SUV. Rather, a “high-bodied car” is the term of choice and is based on a project called Cullinan. While theories abound as to why Rolls is avoiding the SUV terminology, according to company spokespersons the car is not necessarily sport nor utility oriented. It is “high-sided” or “high-bodied” and that in itself does not necessarily make it a SUV [...]

The Nissan Sentra, like the Honda Civic, Accord, Toyota Camry, were all standard 80s and 90s classics that were as ubiquitous as a corner Italian pizzeria. Either you owned one, had a family member that did, or knew someone on your block with one of the above. And the reason was? Reliability, great price point, and from a design perspective, attractive just enough.

The Sentra came on the scene in 1982. It was a direct replacement for the Datsun 210 and was available in four distinct body styles – 2-door, 4-door, 4-door wagon and the 3-door hatchback coupe. While the design differed somewhat the overall offer was quite similar.

This consistency over time however has just run head-first into a wall. Whether that wall is made of brick or glass is all dependent on how the public takes to the new 2017 Nissan – a Nissan turbo. That’s right, this will be the first time [...]

Manual versus automatic transmission. If this topic were placed in a time machine and zipped back 15 years, you would find an array of folks on both sides of the “argument.” Traditionally, manual transmissions were more geared towards car enthusiasts or at least those that really valued the ability to control and feel their car. Manual transmissions really do add another element to driving, but technology over these past 15 years have all but eliminated them from the modern day discussion.

A great piece of journalism emerged last week surrounding the challenges an anonymous fellow had attempting to sell a turbocharged, relatively new VW Beetle on Craigslist. In the post, the word “manual” showed up repeatedly, was prominently mentioned in various places, and a diligent reader would come away with a pretty clear message – this is a manual transmission car.

Yet, when the handful of folks showed up to see the car in person, [...]

There’s a great website, macrumors.com, which gives Apple fanatics a daily dose (multiple doses in reality) of what’s really truth or fiction surrounding the bevy of Apple rumors that swirl around on a consistent basis. In regards to the much ballyhooed autonomous driving project, “Project Titan” to those in the know, the car remains in the early stages of development under the direction of Bob Mansfield. Mansfield took over the project in 2012 and is said to be advancing “Project Titan” at a secret location near Cupertino where Apple headquarters are located.

Sounds like an 80’s Bond thriller, right? Well here is where the rails come off. The New York Times is reporting that dozens of employees involved with “Project Titan” have been laid off and the focus now is reported to be shifting towards autonomous technology rather than an autonomous vehicle under the Apple brand.

This is a massive shift if true. Google, Uber [...]

Broken record alert … Tesla has the electric car market on lock-down. Well, maybe not lock-down, but at least from an innovation/technological perspective Elon Musk and company have positioned themselves at the head of the pack. This should probably come as no surprise, but what was a surprise is what surfaced from Chevy earlier this month. Drumroll please …

The Chevy Bolt, Chevy’s flagship electric offering, can beat (according to Chevy) the Tesla Model 3 with an official range of 238 miles. Let’s put this in perspective. For East Coast dwellers, the Bolt can traverse on one battery charge from the U.S. Capitol to the Empire State Building. Quite a distance, and this would make it the first electric vehicle sold in the U.S. to surpass a 200 mile range.

At a starting price of under $40,000, the Bolt handedly beats the 2018 Model 3 set to arrive with a 215 mile range. The average [...]

Buying an extended car warranty does not have to be difficult to do, with the right people behind you. When you go in to purchase a vehicle, you’re looking for something you love, something that is in great shape and that doesn’t cost a lot of money out of your pocket. However, when you find the car, and actually sit down to purchase it, the talk of extended car warranties will come up. If you do decide that you want to have one, then you should be prepared to speak about some of your options available.

Purchasing the Extended Car Warranty

When you sit down with the car dealer, and speak about the specific coverages, you can then get a feel for what is being offered. When you talk with them, make sure to let them know what you’d like to have covered – whether it is the smaller stuff, or just the [...]

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