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The BMW 3 Series

Got your eye on a BMW? Most folks do, or at least have passed through and either decided to take the plunge or put it off due to the price. But nowadays there are plenty of BMWs that can be had at affordable prices and that’s good news for all.

One of the more popular series is the BMW 3 Series. On the used side, some of their best were the fifth-generation models manufactured between 2006 and 2011. These were widely touted as best in class so keep that date range in mind. Initially offered in the U.S. in 2005 (the 2006 model), the 3 Series sedan featured two naturally aspirated 3.0-liter engines with the base model capable of 215 horsepower and the higher-trimmed 330i whipping out 255 horsepower. Six-speed manuals as well as automatic transmissions were available, and both were compatible with BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system.

On the exterior, the 3 Series during this sweet spot timeframe came with four distinct body styles. The E90 is the sedan, available in all-wheel drive with a six-speed or manual transmission. The E91 is that stately wagon design that BMW is famously known for and comes with both rear and all-wheel drive. The E92 is the coupe, and its older, more handsome brother who tends to get all the girls every time the guys hit the bar on Friday night is the E93 – the convertible.

On a side-note, the E93 should not be eschewed just because you’ll have to forego eating out on the weekends, sending your daughter to a decent college and canceling the family health insurance plan. While all those things are nice to have, does your daughter really need a top-flight education? You don’t get all that sick, do you? All kidding aside, keep your daughter in a good school and have that health insurance just in case. But also save some money for an E93. These are the nice things in life.

So, let’s stop jabbering on and I will tell you three reasons to invest in a 3 Series. First is performance. Balanced weight distribution, a responsive and powerful 6-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive are all high performing. Some 335i models can rip you from 0 to 60 mph is 5 seconds. That sounds like fun, right?

Second is their all-weather capability. Because all-wheel drive is standard, there are no worries on the road. Conditions can be what they’ll be, and you’ll be in one of the safest rides out there. And lastly is luxury. There is nothing like stepping into a BMW, the classic executive look makes you feel important, and you will be important. A BMW is for important, exceptional persons like you. Treat yourself to a 3 Series and live a little!

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