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The buggy is back

The buggy. If you remember being a kid (likely so), or are a kid reading this (unlikely, but would be a bonus), then the mere thoughtof a buggy is something infinitely pleasurable. At its core a buggy isthe most lightweight automobile one can put together. There are tons of different types of buggies the swamp buggy (used in swamps), the moon buggy which was literally used on the moon, a sand dune buggy, outfitted for driving across the sand, etc.

Buggies are cool because some can be manufactured to not exceed 35 mph which makes them safer to drive especially in rural areas. To all kids out there, you still must possess a drivers license to drive one, but lets face it, there is more than one 15-year-old who has driven a buggy illegally before. So where are we going with all this? Fantastic question, were not talking buggies for the heck of it. There is something else brewing here

Volkswagen has been in the buggy business and is a well-known buggy aficionado. So it comes as no surprise that they recently unveiled a new buggy the ID.BUGGY, an electric ride that draws heavy inspiration from the classic dune buggies of the 1960s. With an integrated, 62kWh lithium-ion battery within the MEB chassis, the 201-hp electric motor can power this puppy to an estimated range of 250 km.

As a buggy, towing about a family of 8 will be impossible. But this buggy can be converted to a 2+2-seater and if you want some four-wheel drive added on, an electric motor can be added on to the front axle. On the exterior side the ID.BUGGY is grille-less, with a raised tail end, fenders and hood. Cool, 3D oval LED highlights really add some punch and the top half of the newly released ID.BUGGYs are painted in matte Fern Green while the bottom is Grey Tech Blue.This two-toned style makes the buggy feel longer and taller off the road.

On the inside the buggy is quite minimalistic, but it goes well with the overall look and feel. All materials are waterproof as there is a high probability of taking this vehicle off-roads. The seats have seat-belts integrated into them and the wheelbase is very short. Not a car for everyday driving, but it looks like a heck of a lot of fun! Lets get back to being kids again

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