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Things never to leave in your car

For many of our readers December to April can be frigid. In fact, we’re experiencing one of the worst cold spells in U.S. history in some parts of the country, and if you find yourself in said part(s), pull up the heater and grab another hot coco because this post is relevant as relevant could be right about now.
Just like in sunny times, during winter months there are several things you should never leave in your car unattended.

Not that your car would be the first place you’d think about leaving your cellphone, but we all make runs to the mall, park outdoors, know we’ll just be running in to buy a handful of things and fishing the phone out of the glovebox isn’t priority number one.
If you’ve parked outside in an unprotected lot, and the temperature inside the car dips below 0 degrees however, that iPhone or Samsung will be ruined, guaranteed. In fact, operating phones at temperatures below 32 degrees is not advised as the lithium-ion batteries are very sensitive to the cold.

Beer or Soda
As we all well know, water expands when it freezes. When liquids are canned this can get messy as Coke for example will freeze and explode at 30 degrees, beer at 27 degrees. Some cocktail chatter – did you know that higher-alcohol beers freeze at lower temperatures? So, if you’re planning on storing canned beer in your car in Minnesota, opt for one with an 8% + alcohol content.

Musical Instruments
An odd one, right, but one that I am personally guilty of. Things in general contract when they freeze. With an instrument this contracting can cause it to go out of tune. If the instrument is made of wood the cold air will likely crack it, and when guitars crack for example, repairing them is hard (and costly) work.

A giant no, no. Drugs like insulin for example can completely lose all their effectiveness if you allow them to freeze. This also corresponds to medication that needs to be shaken before you use it. Out of all the items on this list, medication unfortunately is the most likely to be left in the car and the consequences although not dire are pricey. Take your meds home or to the office and leave them there.

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