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Things we’re leaving (or want to) behind

There were a host of features and general themes that we want toleave behind coming into this new year. If we can manage to obliterate half of this list that will be a plus.

The dreaded start/stop

If you own or drive a relatively new vehicle, the start/stop button is common. Automakers gained valuable points from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as start/stop technology has been shown to reduce emissions via the shutting down of the engine at stoplights. However, this has also driven lots of us nuts in the process. It gets a bit tiring having to re-start the car off a red light …

Design with no use

And the winner here, hands down … the VW Jetta. Design with no practical use, folks. For example, dual chrome exhaust tips with no pipes behind them. But the Jetta isn’t the only culprit, there were plenty of fake intake screens, false engine ports, etc. Manufacturers got tied up in the aesthetics forgetting that these are machines after all.

Coupes that bite the dust

Biting the dust is never at the top of anyone’s list. Especially while in a car. That would equate to bloodshed at a minimum, death at the worst. So why in heck does the Toyota C-HR and nearly every Camaro model have such poor rear visibility. The culprit is the placement of the C-pillar which makes peering out the back nearly impossible in some instances.

If it ain’t broke …

… then don’t fix it! Touch screens work fine, as do remote rotary dials. Since this is the case, why ohh why are infotainment touch pads necessary? Add in that operating this novel technology isgenerally in play while driving. Talk about a feat!

Lack of the corner step

Here’s one where we’d like to see more of, as opposed to much of this list (less). GM pickups in general feature the super practical corner step, making it a snap to enter and exit the pickup bed. If this is the case (which it is), why don’t other pickup manufacturers have the same?

The true range

Lastly, a hot topic – electric vehicle (EV) range. Any EV manufacturer will tell you the same – bigger is better when it comes to range. After all, if I told you that Car A could get you 200 miles of range while Car B can fetch 250, the choice is obvious, right? With that said, the published ranges that most automakers put out there are based on tests in places like 70degree Southern California. But had that same car been tested in 20degree weather in say North Dakota, the range can fluctuate by up to 30 percent. Moreover, the whole equation shifts once you move north of 75 mph.

Long story short, let’s get some range communication by weather and speed, at least a handful to give us some context when comparison shopping.

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