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Top auto bets for under $50,000 (Part II of II)

We’re going to continue in Part II, you’re still entertained, right?

Station Wagons

Audi A4 Allroad

Audi made a name for themselves in the wagon segment with the rugged Quattro AWD system. The A4 Allroad takes a page out of that book, bringing this same ruggedness to the average, everyday family. A heck of a lot of cargo space is really what defines the Allroad, and its off-road ability while present will likely never be needed on the underdeveloped streets of Manhattan, Seattle, Atlanta or Boston. But do know that if you somehow find you and your loved ones lost and aimless in the Canadian Yukon, you’re in good hands with the Allroad. Oh, we forgot, the price – $45,700.

Subaru Outback

Along the same vein, this is a wagon that does a whole lot more than you need it to. Popular in the outdoors circles, the Outback is a steady vehicle, underpriced ($39,605) which always makes it a solid deal, and more than anything – reliable. There is a new Outback slated for 2020, so it might be worth it to wait a bit. But with that said, this wagon has kept its personality steady in a world of SUVs and crossovers.   


Lexus RC 300 F Sport RWD

Yet another Lexus making its way onto the list. Great news for the Japanese luxury manufacturer, and while the price is just a smidgen shy of our limit here ($47,860), it will be the best $47,860 you’ll ever spend. The car’s adaptive suspension and Variable Gear Ratio Steering gives the RC 300 a true personality, and the interior is stunning. Now, this Lexus is a bit heavier than most in the category, but that does not detract from the driving experience. An all-around exceptional choice.

BMW M240i

This is going to be rough. While the RC 300 is a fantastically constructed car, the M240i is as well! Uff, well, this isn’t a competition thankfully, otherwise we might have two number 1 finishes. A suspension that will have your grandfather rolling over in his grave, this is a race-track smooth car that has been given permission to drive on the open road. Thank the heavens for that! A peppy 335 horsepower and 0 to 60 in just under 4.5 seconds, take your pick between the Lexus and this BMW, at $45,800 you can’t go wrong here. There you have it ladies and gentlemen. A nice assortment of choices, wouldn’t you agree? Take your pick of any, a disappointed customer you won’t be.

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