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Top Four Reasons to Avail of Extended Auto Warranties

Are you buying a new car and undecided on whether to avail of an extended auto warranty? This is a repair coverage that would kick in after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired. It will cover most major breakdowns and protect you against the rising costs of repairs, since automotive parts and labors fluctuate over time.

So why should you avail of an extended auto warranty? Here are the top four reasons:

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the top reason why many people choose to buy an extended car warranty is the peace of mind that it gives them. Like in other forms of protection like life insurance and homeowner’s insurance, you hope you will never need the extended auto coverage but you will be glad to have invested in the safety net when an unexpected vehicle breakdown occurs.

When you buy an extended warranty for your new car, you are not hoping for an engine overhaul or a transmission problem to happen in the future. But you are giving yourself a reason not to worry about those problems should your car break down for some reason. With an extended auto warranty, you can protect yourself against thousands of dollars in repair bills.


This brings us to the next reason why you should get an extended auto warranty—having one would be akin to financing potential auto repairs at a discounted cost. Moreover, depending on the coverage, you may not even have to spend for a car repair. With an extended auto warranty, you can realize more savings if and when your car breaks down in the future.

Professional Assistance 

If the savings you can generate from having an extended auto warranty doesn’t sound appealing to you, what about the professional help from the firm backing your extended auto warranty?

This is particularly important if you are not the type of motorist who understands a thing or two about vehicle repair. You will likely be at the mercy of professional mechanics and personnel of repair shop. And not all automotive professionals are honest. Some would take advantage of motorists who aren’t proficient in automotive expertise.

But if you have an extended auto warranty, you no longer have to worry about mechanics who will take advantage of your lack of proficiency in automotives. You will get professional support from the firm backing up your extended vehicle warranty. After all, the car repair center would want to stay on good terms with the vehicle warranty company so it is unlikely that they will dupe customers like you.

Increased Resale Value 

Finally, having an extended car insurance will increase the resale value of your car. Of course, you may not be thinking of selling your car now because it is brand new. But it is unavoidable not to think of selling your car in the future especially when newer models come out.

With an extended vehicle warranty, you can increase the resale value of your vehicle. Having one tells a prospective buyer that you car is well maintained. If the prospective buyer is undecided, your vehicle’s extended warranty may just convince him to push through with the purchase.

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