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Transporting kids isn’t boring

Family friendly, but not boring. That’s the quandary, right? You are no longer single, a family is either upon you or already there, and you want to keep that BMW coupe, but the car seat is a bit tight in the back. You don’t want to be considered the bad or irresponsible Mom or Dad of the neighborhood, so it’s time to upgrade.

Well, had we written this post 15 or 20 years ago your options would have been rather slim. Most family friendly rids were either mini vans or terrible station wagons with tired aesthetics and little in the way of dynamism behind the wheel. But thankfully ladies and gentlemen, this has all changed. And changed for the better we might add!

A recent story emerged out of Michigan of a family who owned an Audi A4 that suffered an untimely death. The details were horrific, the family thankfully OK, but the car was completely wrecked. This story caught fire afterward because all the family talked about was not the wreck itself, but rather their collective sadness over losing their prized A4. It was an A4 Allroad and they absolutely loved it, and despite Audi doing their best to woo them back, the family went on social media requesting fun options for family friendly vehicles, like their cherished Allroad. And the responses were in a nutshell, impressive …

One car that got a lot of buzz was the Mercedes E63 AMG. While pricy, the reviews surrounding the actual mechanics of this car and the feel behind the wheel have been astounding. Moreover, E-Series are loaded with tech features and an interior that makes you feel like you’re in some sort of town car to the airport. Jump seats are available in the back, which kids love, and Mercedes wagons are still unique no matter where you live.

Another great option that emerged was the Cadillac CTS-V. With 556 horsepower, this car moves and is available as a sedan and wagon. While not all-wheel drive, some good winter tires should get you through any hairy situations. The Subaru Outback falls into a similar category, a beautiful wagon option known for its great pickup and clean lines.

Now, if you’re in the market for another luxury ride like the A4 or AMG, Volvo is a solid option. Pure wagons are harder and harder to come by these days but the Swedish manufacturer does still actively service the V90 Cross Country, which can be had at a very reasonable price. All excellent options here, the best thing to remember is just because kids are now in your life doesn’t mean you can’t drive fast. Just make sure they’re strapped in.

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