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Used rides to avoid

Car buying tips come in all shapes and sizes. At the end of the day it’s a highly personal choice however. You can reason all you want with someone but if they want that orange used Mustang, there isn’t much you can say about it.

There are however a handful of types of used cars that currently in 2019 are not great choices. 

Crossover SUVs

Indeed, they’re all the rage, but the crossover SUV market is not where you want to be looking today. The used-car market is currently what we call a seller’s market because everyone wants one so the power lies with the owners (potential sellers) of said SUVs. At this point in time experts agree that a hatchback or compact SUV is the better bet. Or, if that’s not to your liking, a new crossover SUV is where you should look. Incentive packages will knock a couple thousand dollars off, but the starting price is nothing compared to a used one, we certainly recognize that.


The F-150 as we’ve reported here is an absolute monster in this category. It topped 909,000 units last year, which compared to number 2 – the Chevy Silverado – outsold them nearly 2 to 1.

But with new pickups moving as quickly as they are, pre-owned pickups are also in hot demand. Unless you have a job that requires extensive hauling, a pickup in 2019 will run you over market value.

Trendy Rides

What’s a trendy ride you ask? So, the best one to think about in this category is the Nissan Cube. Remember that thing? Trendy, but also weird. The Ford Flex is another one. Odd as can be, and while trendy, these are not great cars to purchase because being trendy also means you can fall out of favor which is not great on the resale market.

Purchasing a used car that you wouldn’t be able to sell off is not advised. Period.

Sports Cars

The classic sports car category. If you’re a fan and have the cash to blow, go for it. But if you are investing in a high-powered sports coupe remember that the insurance will be pricey, as will maintenance, etc. A Corvette for example will run you $2,148 per year in maintenance costs coupled with average annual insurance rates of $1,300 plus. And that’s on the cheap end. Yikes!

Discontinued Vehicles

A no brainer here, cars that are discontinued are harder to find spare parts for so breakdowns will be extra costly. In the U.S., that means Saab and Suzuki are not hot choices. Now, there is a caveat here. Discontinued cars can also be considered collector’s items, and this means some of them will appreciate. But choose wisely, a wrong choice will be a costly choice

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