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What’s in play for the Panamera?

The Porsche Panamera debuted in 2010, a stark departure from the traditional Porsche the world was accustomed to. A four-door, yes, four-door sedan that of course was luxury in every sense of the word and designed by a renowned eye in Michael Mauer. Similar to the SUV Cayenne, the Panamera also upset many Porsche purists as these two vehicles are clearly not two-door sports cars. Ironically enough the Cayenne has become the brand’s best-selling vehicle so despite this departure demand has clearly not waned.

Three weeks ago Porsche released some teaser images of the new Panamera set to come out later this year. Inspired by the 911, a redesigned rear with brand new LED lights and a LED strip that connects the two has loyal followers buzzing. The new version also appears more “rakish” than its predecessors but one glance at the side shows it is quite similar to this year’s model.

Matthias Muller, VW-Group boss and Ex-Porsche CEO had been quoted as an outspoken critic of Panamera’s current design, often stating it could definitely be improved upon. The new Panamera is retaining an active rear wing that will rise and fall automatically based on speed to subsequently improve downforce. As far as the interior is concerned “hazy” images reveal a departure from the button-heavy days of old and something along the lines of the center console from the 918 Spyder hypercar. Sounds exciting, right? It is, as the 2015 Cayenne which many feel the Panamera modeled its interior after has been a point of contention and a natural area to improve upon as a result.

Porsche has turned a major corner since 2010 with the Panamera and Cayenne and expect this shift to propel the luxury brand into the future, sports-car or no sports-car.

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