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British Conscientiousness

Car maintenance is real, it’s a pain, and it’s an absolute necessity. If you can do it yourself, fantastic, if you need to pay a third party, fine as well. But it’s the maintenance, the regular check-ups, and the tracking that counts. So when one country rises above to claim the top spot according to car maintenance metrics, we’re all ears.

That country, that proud nation here in 2016 is drumroll please … the U.K.! The 30 million plus cars that are serviced each year in the U.K. are some of the best maintained cars on our planet. British motorists in fact spend an eye-popping 2.1 billion pounds per year on services and repairs.

Looking more closely, we are talking an average of 695 pounds per year taking care of their car, which is 12 percent more than the global average. As a result it should come as no surprise that the U.K. has fewer cars in states of disrepair or those that generate excess pollution for example.

There are 42,500 repair shops nationwide in the U.K. and the automotive market supports 345,000 jobs and generates a whopping 12.2 billion pounds to the economy. The country is home to the eighth largest automotive market which is bigger than those found for example in Brazil, Korea or India.

Experts predict that by 2020 the U.K. market will be worth 28 billion pounds which will give way to 400,000 plus jobs. The internet has been named as a supporting factor to this “responsible ownership.” Folks are consulting online and keeping in the know. Online retailers for automotive parts have exploded, eclipsing that of Germany, Italy and France. Impressive numbers indeed.

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