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Your dashboard explained

Theres a ton of things on your dashboard. Lots. Most of us know what most of them mean, but many of us dont. This is going to be a post to keep handy as the warning lights on your dashboard while annoying when warning, will save you lots in time and money if adhered to once a problem arises.

Engine Coolant Light

A relatively straight-forward one, when the engine gets too hot this light will come on. Whats the next step you ask? Park your car immediately and turn it off. Give the engine 30 minutes to cool down and you should also review the coolant level in the engine and top it up if need be. If there is not enough coolant, then get the car to a mechanic to have it reviewed. This could spell trouble.

Engine Light

The general engine light warning could mean a ton of different things. A misfire, faulty electrical sensor, best advice is not to try and figure it out yourself. Make an appointment with your mechanic once it comes on to have it checked out. You should also avoid driving the car in the meantime.

Oil Light

Hint, this one has to do with that slippery liquid that your car craves. If the temperature in the car is too high, then this light will come on. Also, if the level of oil and/or the pressure is too low, a trigger will occur. Like some of these other warnings, stop driving immediately at get to a mechanic ASAP.

Tire Pressure Light

This is a handy one as the light will come on once the car discovers a tire, or multiple tires are below the minimum pressure or if theres been a puncture. You dont need to make any drastic decisions, simply pull over, take a look and if appears you have enoughpressure to get home, do so and then make an appointment.

ESP Light

This is the Electronic Stability Light or also known depending on country/make/model, the Traction Control Light. Once the car begins or has lost traction, youll see this come on. Roads that are heavily inundated with snow and rain will also trigger this and as such accelerating when this light is on is a bad idea. Conditions are slippery and driving as conservatively as possible is recommended.

ABS Light

Finally, one weve all seen the anti-lock brake light. This is a warning that the braking system is suffering a failure. Sometimes this will rectify itself after a re-start but still recommended to get checked out.

There are plenty of other lights, but these are the biggies. Print this and throw it in the glove compartment, you wont regret it.

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